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What We Do
  • County Searches

  • Examination and Preparation of Title Commitments/Binders

We pride ourselves in providing you with professional and accurate information
  • Full Title Searches

  • Foreclosure Searches

  • Surrogate Searches

  • President Owner Searches

  • Judgement & Lien; Mortgage Searches

  • Business Searches  

We also provide various other searches, including but not limited to:
  • Upper Court, including Bankruptcy and child support

  • County 

  • Patriot Name

  • Tax & Assessment

  • Flood & Tideland

  • Chancery Abstract

  • Corporate/Good Standing Reports

  • State UCC

  • Franchise Tax Reports

  • Issue Final Title Policies 

     Our polices are always issued in a timely manner. In addition, Surveys will be ordered upon your request. The Completed commitment and/or search will be emailed directly to you, or if you prefer, con be sent by overnight mail, or hand-delivered. We also provide a copy to your client's lender and to Seller's attorney.
Settlement and Closing Services:
  • Our agents are vetted and trusted through Secure Settlements

  • Prepare Closing Disclosure Statement and/or HUD1 Settlement Statement

  • Coordinate closing with you, lender and Seller's Attorney

  • Obtain and prep lender closing package

  • Conduct closings in our office, or if you prefer, at a different location

  • Prepare closing checks and disburse funds through our controlled Escrow Account

  • Record closing documents, if requested

  • 1099 Prep and mailing

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